Sport Fence

Sport fence is designed to keep the ball inside the area of play and to protect the public. Proven to perform robustly and to provide a visually attractive solution to the needs of both spectator and participant.
We supply various wire mesh fences for sport fencing. The biggest advantage is its flexibility and the sizes can be adjusted to fit the specific sites.

Material:Select high-quality low carbon steel wire rod,then make it into appropriate thickness low-carbon steel wire with the drawing machine.

Weaving:Using the development machinery to make the surface treatment finished low-carbon steel wire into per-forming form,then linking then together.

A. Wire diameter: 3.8mm coated
B. Mesh opening: 50mm x 50mm
C. Sizes: 3000mm x 4000mm
D. Post: Steel pipe with diameter 60/2.5mm
E. Horizontal post: Welded pipe with diameter 48/2mm
F. Jointing style: Welding
J. Corrosion resistance: Rust resistant base painting and high grade metal painting

Advantages: The product has bright color, full sizes and flat surface and good strength. It has the property of aging resistance, corrosion resistance and good flexibility.

Main Uses: It is suitable for tennis playground, basketball sport and other fencing .

Sport fence

Sport fence application-1

Sport fence application-2



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